Pillow Mist

Tranquility Room Spray & Pillow Mist is a product of the London-based NEOM Organics. The product is used as a pre-bedtime spray for the room and pillows with a deep sedative blend of twelve pure essential oils that include English lavender, basil, and jasmine. Tranquility Room Spray & Pillow Mist contains the highest possible percentage of the purest essential oils.

The pure essential oils of Tranquility Room Spray & Pillow Mist produce a mild sweet scent with true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. This helps people in transforming the way that they feel about themselves and the environment around them. The mists can be utilized to add fragrance to the air, as well as on fabrics like curtains and bed linens to slowly release their treatment properties.

Tranquility Room Spray & Pillow Mist is a one hundred percent natural product of NEOM Organics. It is finely crafted in Great Britain with the use of sustainable origins with zero artificial ingredients. With a scent that makes everyone feel good, Tranquility Room Spray & Pillow Mist is guaranteed to relieve stress, help sleep, relax, boost one's energy, as well as lift the mood.

As for its therapeutic benefits, Tranquility Room Spray &Pillow Mist's pure essential oils are mixed perfectly to give a good night's sleep. Studies have proven that lavender certainly calms and relaxes the mind and body when inhaled. Moreover, the green, sweet scent of English lavender (basically a little cleaner smelling as compared to the more floral French lavender) combined with sweet basil and pretty jasmine is a magnificently relaxing blend.

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